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Let’s give thanks and likes to all of you awesome #GAAMers by thanking some of the people who made the show so memorable! Thank you to Volition (especially Mike Watson and Clint Ourso)WhiteMoon Dreams, Inc. , Zelda Sidhe, and Michael Winterbauer of Winterbauer Arts.

You guys and the attendees raised over $3,000 for First Coast No More Homeless Pets and Wounded Warrior project, and we couldn’t be more grateful for all of the work and support you all gave this charitable effort.

The GAAM Fashion X Cosplay Class of Summer 2014!

Say hello to what may quite possibly the greatest Fashion X Cosplay shoot since the beginning of time! Or at least since the last one we did! jk The talent in this shoot was amazing. We can not thank the cosplays and Klara Cu enough for the wonderful job they did. Thank you Miki, Joyce, Jayson, Keia, Alex, Badr, Kamryn, Chris, RJ, Jae, Daniel, John, Sean, Mark, and everybody else who helped make this our most spectacular shoot ever! We can’t wait to put up the finished pieces up in The Museum and Gardens on July 12th! XD’

We’d like to take a second to introduce a very, very special guest to‪#‎GAAM‬Candy Keane of Three Muses Clothing! You may know Candy from one of her many amazing cosplay appearances (Such as being Wonder Woman, her infamous Slave Leia from Jedi Junkies), her spectacular costume, or just from twitter (

We know Candy as that awesome girl who saved our ass when #GAAM started. 

P.S. Go buy something at her store. Actually, go buy a bunch of things. It’ll make your life better.

P.P.S. If you’re a cosplayer or into costuming, you seriously should check out her store.

Cosplaying since 2004 (that’s 10 years!), Joyce “Lystrade” Kay has been an anime and gaming fan since she was just a few years old. While her siblings ventured off into the world of the gaming industry (her brother playing for Curse Gaming’s League of Legends team, and her sister working with Ubisoft’s Frag Dolls), she turned her focus to crafting, learning to create and transform herself into her favorite characters.

When she’s not slaving away over a sewing machine, styling gravity defying wigs, or learning new make-up techniques, you can find her at conventions (judging costume contets, MC-ing, or just having fun in costume!), promotional modeling, playing with her corgi Curie, or attempting to jungle in League of Legends.

Find her on Facebook!

Title of Work – “Pharaoh Ahri”

Artist - Mika Fulkerson
Inspired by League of Legends

Facebook -
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For the July 12th GAAM (Games Art And Music) Show

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For the July 12th GAAM (Games Art And Music) Show

Title of Work – “Prince Adam by day and He-Man by Night”

Artist – Thom Solo
Inspired by the He-Man App Game

Facebook –
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Website –

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